Locally Owned and Operated

From its humble roots, founded in 1989, Sicily’s has evolved alongside the evolution of Detroit. Under the same ownership since 1999, we moved to exclusively using sourdough in 2017, and starting in 2020 we only offer Halal meats. We strive to provide the Southwest Neighborhood and the city of Detroit the freshest, most unique pizza experience possible. 

Our sourdough starter is over 200 years old, we’ve been caring for the same mother starter since 2017, feeding her twice a day to assure she has the perfect flavor and consistency. We make dough daily, then in true sourdough style, let it rest and rise over several days to reach its full potential. Our skilled pizza makers are taught how to feel and stretch dough at its peak and never after.

We believe in quality over quantity. Our menu continues to shrink as we focus more closely on perfecting dishes with the highest quality ingredients. Since 2020 we have been moving towards Halal meats and vegan offerings. As of 2021 all pork has been removed from our menu. We also offer several vegan cheese options, as well as a house made gluten free dough. We try to accommodate any dietary restrictions or preferences to the best of our ability. 

Our building is currently under renovation. Starting as just a small kitchen with a pizza counter, we are excited to be opening our dine in seating in the spring of 2022. We are constantly adapting and changing as Detroit continues to expand and change. Come visit us if you’re ever in the neighborhood, we look forward to seeing you!